Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Redken Sheer Straight 06 review.........lazy girl's blow dry in a tube.

Redken-Sheer Straight around £12
OK, I have been a bit naughty and not used this exactly how it is meant to be used.... you are meant to take a coin size amount, work it through damp hair and blow dry and then run some straightening irons through the hair afterwards (if needed), ok there is a flaw in the above, blow dry, I have not blow dried my hair whilst using this as I frankly never blow dry my hair, I let my hair dry naturally and an in this instance took some straighteners through the front of my hair and that is it.I even tried it without doing *anything*  just brushing it through and letting it dry naturally and it gave me silky/smooth waves (think Veronica Lake-ish) very, very loosely *ish* as in I wish :) but it was lovely and smooth.

My hair left to dry naturally without a styling product. A bit *fluffy*.
As you can see my hair is definitely wavy pretty much all the way through the length, I don't *hate* it but I do love having relatively sleek hair every once in a while.
After using the Redken Sheer straight 06, no blow drying but straightening irons through the front.
My hair had dried so much straighter and was without  the conspicuous *wave* that it normally has, so straightening irons just slid through my hair and I definitely looked more *groomed* than normal without having to succumb to a blow dry. I have used it several times now and I am impressed with the results as it actually feels very lightweight and has little to zero *faf* factor as in great for lazy people like me, that pretty much just washes their hair uses minimal styling product and heads out the door with soaking wet hair.
I will try it whilst blow drying my hair ( when I have time) ha ha ha.