Thursday, 24 January 2013

My Perennial go-to eye colour for a simple, fresh look.

This is an eyeliner from Pixi in a shade that I have used infinite times when I need to do a super quick make up and don't want to *think* about it. It is a flat olive green shot with gold and it is something that I use as my go-to shade as I can just use it around the edge of my eyes and then blend it out and ba-da-bing it literally takes seconds! Mascara, a little brow groomage (not sure that is even a word) but you know what I mean. Done!

I have been known to take it a little smokier and wear with a red lip when I have time, but for days when I don't and want to keep it super simple, this works. But I also use it on shoots when I need to create a very soft look with a little Va Va Voom.
I used it on Pia towards the outer corner of the eye with a nude shadow.