Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Review-Mcvitie's Breakfast Porridge Oats biscuits with red berries.

Breakfast time, I just don't have a ravenous appetite and could quite happily skip breakfast. Lunch is the meal where I am so much more *into* which would totally make sense as clearly my breakfasts are insubstantial to non-existent.
I know that my priorities are skewed as I always have time for a strong coffee before I leave the house, never do my make up on the train yet will be more likely to eat a yogurt and a piece of fruit on the train (which normally constitutes as breakfast for me). Now, I know all about the importance of breakfast and I have a huge admission to make...I hate porridge (I know, I know) my partner and son have it frequently with a handful of seeds and fresh berries sweetened with agave (not for me), it is a texture thing. So, to break me out of my habitually rubbish breakfast eating, I was ecstatic to be chosen to try a new breakfast biscuit with berries and porridge oats no less.

This morning with: Watermelon, cherries and raspberries and took no more than 2 minutes to *wolf down* 
I am going away on a trip soon and I was willing that they would arrive before I left as I have a very heavy schedule and I doubt that I will have *time for breakfast*.
So, this ticked the boxes for me: I love biscuits :) I love berries but despise porridge. The ingredients are simple with no unnecessary additives (no artificial colours or flavours), suitable for vegetarians, they do contain sugar (to be noted) but on a plus for me they have added Vitamin B, Vitamin D & Iron and have minimal salt and at 57 kcal per biscuit, I will be having at least 2 every morning. They are a little sweet with an oaty/berry flavour. If like me you are more than a bit *rubbish* at breakfast this could be your answer. I am going to pinky promise that I am going to keep this up with added little delish berries on the side for a balanced start to the day.
Ingredient List


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