Thursday, 24 January 2013

Shea Terra Premium Dark Chocolate Body exfoliator.

Rich, deep, dark chocolate!

I have used this up and I am looking to replenish ASAP. My skin on my body gets so dry, so I am always looking for the ultimate body scrub, a bit like Goldilocks on the quest for the perfect porridge I am always searching for the perfect *polish* :)
I like a good scrub, one that is effective yet not painful (ouch)! One that moisturises but does not leave you feel *coated* in too much residue. This is it, the holy grail of body polishes and the ingredients are so pure (as are everything that the brand does).
I have so far not spoken about the aroma, but it is rich, deep, satisfying cocoa. I am not per-se a choc-a-holic but I did find this a very, very comforting almost nurturing kind of smell.

My skin feels so smooth and silky afterwards and in this weather I am desperate to de-croc my shins, elbows etc. So as Yoda would say " Onto the 2nd pot I must"!
Ingredients: pure spring water, organic chocolate liquor, organic shea butter, natural emulsifying wax, organic sugar, pumice, all natural vanilla extract, naturally based preservative (glucono delta-lactone, sodium benzoate)