Sunday, 3 February 2013

Book Review...Confessions Of A Fashionista.

The book came with me on a recent trip.
A little bed time reading.

When I was younger I was a voracious reader, the heavier and more impenetrable the better: Steppenwolf anyone? Books with characters that you could literally never warm to...Unbearable Lightness of Being. Subject matter and personal stories that would leave you haunted The Periodic table. Books that were for the *moment* The Agony and the ecstasy whilst living in Italy and visiting Florence. For the kudos anything William S Burroughs & Bukowski. The list is endless. I don't read as much as I used to and when I do take a good book away with me it makes the time go so quickly. But I have been unable to find books just for the sheer enjoyment with characters that you know so well it is uncanny.

Confessions Of A Fashionista is a rare gem. It has many truths about the bizarre and sometimes cruel world of fashion, if the past is a foreign country then fashion is a different universe a parallel one at that! Where in *normal* society the behaviour (unacceptable) would have repercussions sometimes serious ones, in this world if you are a *bankable talent* a blind eye is turned. This story is about a girl straight out of university thrust into the world of a photographers/make up artist/stylists/session hair stylists agency via a stint at Harrods. Initially a fish out of water she has to adapt and adapt at breakneck speed to the crazy demands and outrageous behaviour of the people around her. It proves to be a narcotic scenario as she falls deeper in thrall to the beast that is fashion, running up debt, trying to fit in with some of the *mean girls* around her and trying to stay teflon coated. Through incredible hard work and sheer determination she works through the ranks and becomes a true fashionista, carving a very successful career and enjoying the perks that this status brings.....but at what cost? I won't spoil it but I will say, it was a fabulous read, the characters are very well formed and you *feel* for the main protagonist so much and want to shake other people so much! It is filled with pathos and  moments where I snorted and laughed out loud. Not v fashion!!!

In my head, I have been *casting* the film and it is such a *visual* book that it would make such a wonderful film. It is not bitter and is a love letter to the industry in its own bittersweet way.....verdict a real must for this season :)