Monday, 4 February 2013

Toronto....Picture heavy post.

View across the frozen water from the CN tower.

Skyline along the water's edge.

From Downtown looking up.
Fell in love with Yorkville
This house...beautiful but out of my league :)
Damn fine coffee at b espresso- downtown
Fire in lobby of hotel - toasty!
Lovely details, The Victoria (Downtown)
Skin essentials.
Holt Renfrew Deli- delicious.
Just look at that face.
I had the pleasure of going to Toronto recently and I was so excited as I had never been to Canada before. It was such a beautiful city and I had a wonderful time, it was a very *make up* heavy trip and I loved Holt Renfrew, what a beautiful store. I love looking at the local drugstores and just getting a feel for the style and trends in a new city. But I really got to know the city travelling on the subway, walking even in the freezing cold and by gads it was a bit chilly.

But.....I had a terrible time, the worst time I have ever had in my life at immigration, I have been across the US, far East, Middle East etc etc and have never experience being treated like I was here. Where I was stopped and questioned 3 times by 3 separate parts of immigration and made to open my case and had to go through the contents of my case and explain in detail what was in my case. I had $360 on me and all of my cards and was told that was not enough, I was also accused of making a false booking at the hotel and was I even going to stay there or was I going to try and sneak off and *live* illegally in Canada and not return to England, it was literally insane! I was being accused of wanting to become an illegal immigrant (I know I can look a little shifty but hey) talk about jumping the gun! I was kept at the airport and quizzed for what seemed like an eternity. It made for a very unsettling start to my trip and a. My major mistake was having everything on email rather than printed out- so that I would recommend (printing things out) in advance and if you can remember the details of your return flight too.  When I returned I imagined there would be an official lurking just checking I was leaving when I said I was going to. it was literally madness!!!!