Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Current hair favourites!

Phyto Phytoprogenium shampoo & Phil Smith Long Locks Intensive Lengths Conditioner

So at the moment I am mixing it up with my shampoo and conditioner.
Phyto Phytoprogenium shampoo 200ml £11.00: is absolutely gorgeous, a rich, creamy shampoo it leaves hair clean and soft with no irritation to the scalp (so perfect for even the most sensitive scalp), it is gentle enough to use as a frequent/every day shampoo. If you live in a hard water area, wash your hair frequently or have a very sensitive scalp this shampoo is literally a soothing solution to an itchy/irritated scalp.
Phil Smith Long Long Locks Intensive Lengths Conditioner 250ml £3.99: Now with this I have a dilemma... It is not meant to be used as an every time you wash your hair conditioner, more once or twice a week treat, but I love the effect it has on my hair so much that I am so tempted to use it every time I wash my hair (but I won't :), the longer your hair the more the damaged the lengths are and my hair gets pretty notty, I find this is an excellent detangler and leaves my hair very shiny. For the price it is an excellent buy and as good as if not far superior to conditioners triple the price!