Friday, 22 March 2013

My favourite False lashes of all time Mac#20 & Ardell Individual.

I am not a fan of HUGE false eye lashes that are too heavy and obvious. I like false lashes to work with the natural shape of the eye *open* the eye up and create a little extra drama without looking too obvious or detracting!

My all time favourite false lash is:
Mac 20
MAC #20 Lashes £10.00
They are amazing, tapered so that they follow the natural *sweep* of the eye and they are part lashes so they don't cover the whole lash line, they never need to be cut down to size, they just enhance your natural lashes perfectly and create a sexy feline look.

My Other favourites are:
Ardell Duralash Flare Individual
Ardell Duralash Flare individuals Around £5
These individual lashes come in: Short, Medium & Long. They are *flared* so they fan out sightly and create *volume* in between your own lashes. As they come in different lengths you can create a very natural effect with short on the inner corner, medium/and or long just on the outer corner where your lashes are longest. These are perfect for a subtle look and a delicate bridal look.

Duo Adhesive is the best  quality glue and dries completely clear around £10.00
A bridal look using 3 individual lashes in Medium applied to the outer corner  of the eye.