Monday, 25 March 2013

No-nonsense advice- regarding make up hoarding!

A *Hoard* of make up.
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I love teaching, by nature I am a bossy boots but also have patience. Teaching is something I find so rewarding and I love *teaching* people about make up whether it is a class interested in becoming make up artists/somebody interested in expanding their skill set or even private make up lessons where I teach someone about how to create a  make up look for themselves.

I see women who have so much make up they have bought sooooooooo much but use a fraction of what they have, it could be: habitually they are in a rut, they have bought things they don't know how to use, they have tried something at home and it just did not work, they don't know where to start, the colours are wrong, and they literally have *hoards* of make up that they don't use.

These are the common mistakes I see:

  • Impulse buys
  • Wrong shades of base/foundation
  • Wrong textures not suitable for skin type
  • Products kept for too long (need to be thrown)
  • Brushes/tools are not great quality
  • Make up/brushes kept in an insanitary condition
  • Not actually being able to discern: Skin tone/skin type.
  • Too much choice out there so just sticking to a formula and always buying the same thing.
  • Needing to overhaul skincare as the skin texture/type has changed
  • Buying something because it looks great on someone else
  • Repeat purchasing because it has always been used but there might be something more current.
  • Gift with purchase- aah the temptation.
  • Out of stock of the thing you really want and god forbid you can't leave with *nothing*
  • Feeling coerced into buying by the staff
  • Not knowing how to actually use the product.

Every 6 months: edit your make up/skincare, if it is not right give it away (if it is too old bin it) if it is still *usable but not for you then think about giving it away.


  • Invest in key items: Skin/base/tools these are your basics and the better your base is it elevates the look of the rest of the make up so you if your budget doesn't allow for the high, high end then a dupe that fits your budget can be found
  • Go and try and if you are not 100% sure, don't buy, get a sample if you can, if not test it on your skin and *live* with it for a while if after a couple of hours you still *love it* think about buying it, don't buy something thinking aah it doesn't matter I can take it back!
  • Don't test foundation on the back of your hand (other than for texture) test on the jawline and don't be afraid to go to daylight with a mirror.
  • Test somewhere with great hygiene practise and disposable/hygienic  items like: cotton buds, spatulas tissues, hand sanitiser, clean brushes, alcohol to rub something down before use eg: Lipstick.
  • Don't be afraid to go back and have a product explained in detail again.
  • If you feel something just isn't *performing* properly just check that you are using it correctly so that you get the best out of your make up.
If you feel at a bit adrift and need some sterling advice for skin/make up book in for mini facial/skin assessment with a brand that you love (always great if the cost is redeemable against purchases). Book in for a makeover with a make up brand that you would like to find out more about/understand fully or somewhere like Space NK where the artist will pick and choose across the ranges. Or take a friend shopping who has make up you love and has similar colouring.

Or if your budget allows book in for a masterclass with a make up artist for brilliant/impartial advice with top tips & tricks.

Go on......have a spring clean you will be amazed at what you really should rid your make up bag of.
If you want to pass make up on to a very worthy home (if it is still in decent condition eg- you would give it to a friend) think about passing things onto Give and Make up.    very worthwhile cause and the things that you never use might just be perfect for someone else.