Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Shea Terra more skincare amazingness........

I have tried a lot of the Shea Terra range now and I am a huge fan! It unfortunately is not widely available in the UK but it is on ebay and you can order it from the US website or buy in the US. I have posted about my love for this brand previously the clay masque and the Dark chocolate scrub. I was introduced to this range by a friend in New York (my friends abroad are always introducing me to new brands which I am always thankful for) it keeps me in the loop with beauty/skincare outside of the UK and on a personal level introduces me to some amazing ingredients and ranges. I love a quirky brand and everything I have tried from Shea Terra is very *different* the formulations are so pure and there are no additives, there are lots of things that are powdered that you have to mix with water like a *traditional* form of skincare, it is fair trade and each product is like a *hero product* in its own right, I do find it a very pure range and so far I have not had a sensitivity to anything I have tried BUT I don't leave products on for the full recommended time, I leave for a third and build up to half and then the full time (but that's just me).
Boabab & Coconut Water Smoothing enzyme masque $28.00

What they say:
Reveal radiantly smooth skin as you vita-infuse with two of Africa’s super-fruits. Wild harvested from ancient “upside-down” trees, baobab fruit contains vitamin rich enzymes that effectively break down dead skin. Young coconuts produce a nutrient water rich in electrolytes and natural sugars that makes skin glow.
Ingredients: Contains only: wild harvested baobab fruit (adansonia digitata), coconut water (cocos nucifera)

My review: 
Now, I tried this because I have been drinking electrolytes for a long time (in emergen C/vitamin drinks) and also in coconut water too. Electrolytes rehydrate the body and I was interested to use an electolyte rich product topically.  Now the Shea Terra website and text on the Shea Terra products  are wonderfully low key and don't wax too lyrical about the ingredients, so I have done a little more research into the Boabab tree and in Africa it is referred to as: The Tree of Life. The fruit from the tree has three times as much vitamin C as an orange, 50 per cent more calcium than spinach and is a very rich source of anti-oxidants. 
So what does this mean for the skin? You mix it into a liquid  by adding water (I add filtered water) don't get excited as it is just from the Britax filter not  filtered through volcanic rocks in Fiji :) and I have left it on for up to10 minutes (next time it will be the full 15 mins). My skin looks: smooth, soft and re-hydrated and just very, very healthy and absolutely no irritation after use at all.

All in all a gorgeous little find, I genuinely love this range and will be purchasing more when I go back to the US soon!!!