Friday, 10 May 2013

Review Estee Lauder Turbolash mascara. Hero or Hype?

Estee Lauder Turbo Lash mascara- £30 9ml shade: Black
This is a mascara that has a wand (once the battery is in place) vibrates- it moves back and forth so it effectively *wiggles* through the lashes. So is this mascara a *hero* or should you not believe the hype?

What they say
Turn it on. The brush does it all.
Auto-powered, vibrating brush gives you:
  • Volume, Length, Curl, Separation
All at once. A worldwide first.
Now, you can have everything you ever dreamed of for your lashes - all from one mascara.
  • It's the world's first "turbo-charged" motion mascara with a vibrating brush. An innovation of design and engineering.
  • Auto-powered, patent pending*, and precision-engineered to achieve lash effects you never thought possible.
Turn on the power and the brush does the rest. 
  • Feel the buzz, as the gently vibrating LashSonic Brush™ with micro-pulse bristles works its magic, moving rapidly through lashes.
  • Continuously separates and saturates lashes with a rapid release gel formula. Finds lashes you didn't even know you had and coats them instantly and perfectly.
  • Creates the ideal lash effect - maximum volume, length, curl and separation - all at once.
  • The motion brush keeps lashes clump-free. So you can reapply several coats without heavy build-up - even refresh lashes during the day.
My review:
Richly pigmented formulation with a *medium* weight, very long lasting and no issues with smudging or sensitivity. Removes easily with a bi-phase eye make up remover. It is buildable  and because it is not too thick, I found the lashes do not become *overloaded*. Again like quite a few other mascaras with the claim that it *curls* the lashes I did not find at all but I did find that it was equally lengthening and thickening.
The brush.... Well it is a gentle movement, very easy to use and because the wand is a tapered cornrow brush it does *catch* all of the lashes easily. The natural movement of the brush when it is vibrating does mean that it moves with ease from root to tip.


  • Buildable mascara that does not look *clumpy*
  • A wand that does all of the *wiggling* for you
  • I did not experience any *falling or smudging* of mascara- it stayed pristine.
  • Subtly lengthening & thickening
  • Great colour payoff, a rich black shade.
  • Long lasting- does not dry up quickly
  • No irritation or sensitivity


  • I cannot say that it *held curl or enhanced curl* in my lashes more than any other mascara
  • Not a budget price but great quality
  • I did not purchase another for my kit as I use disposable mascara wands and the wand really is fabulous and I would recommend for personal use only so that you get maximum benefit from the formulation and the wand.
  • Only currently available in 1 shade.

Verdict: Believe the hype, I love this mascara and would definitely purchase again for myself.