Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The word *Make over* and why I despise it.

As a child I liked the colour black I had a passion for (among many things) Old black & white films, cartoons, animals- particularly cats, books, drawing/painting, nature and make up- I was obsessed with make up. Decades later I pretty much like the same things. Make up became my *job/career* and I love, love, love make up, the textures, the colours, the expression, the transformative qualities, but I believe that it should be arbitrary and if you don't like make up and don't wear it, I don't mind and I don't judge! For example the word *Make over* it smacks of a huge *reveal* and if changing your appearance kick starts some positive shifts within than I am all for it! But if it is used to mask deeper issues or used like a sticking plaster than it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don't believe in a standardized/ideal beauty (how very dare I, when I myself certainly don't fit that ideal, so who the hell am I to make someone feel a little bit crappy for not fitting that ideal).
Some people are just born physically *perfect* (by the sometimes impossible standards of this *ideal*), just like some people have faster metabolisms and are naturally thinner. Where does that leave the rest of us.....needing a make over? Pfffft!