Monday, 20 May 2013

Vanity .... hmmmmmm!

Above is a clip from the film the Devil's advocate, we see *Keanu Reeves* rally against the dark forces of the devil Al Pacino (at his overacting best- Scent of a woman anyone?), it is the age old tale of whether the young *good* soul can be corrupted by the temptations put before him to lure him away . It is not a brilliant  film by any stretch but the final frame has always stayed with me...vanity that's how *old Al* gets them vanity.
Some years back when I was in New York my name was throw into the hat for a *reality* series for MTV and they were looking for a make up artist (with a point of difference) to be featured-being English and a bit *alternative* probably was enough and for a split second I have to admit I did get a little glint in my eye at the prospect.....but then I really thought about it, about how I could be edited to look like a total idiot (trust me it would not be difficult), how grotesque I actually look on camera and make up for me is about other people and not necessarily about me, so when I was thinking of all of these things, this scene popped into my head, so I took my name out of that hat and stayed gryffindor :)

If I ever start getting above *myself*, I just remember this film and it totally puts me back in my place! Know your worth, play to your advantages, work hard and believe! Far better than making that Faustian pact.