Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Brigitte Bardot!!!!

Brigitte Bardot's beauty is literally timeless, she has been such a huge influence on POP culture especially within fashion as she has such an enduring look. Even  now we see Bardot-a likes on the catwalk...Zac Posen SS14 paid homage to her beauty, Daphne Groenveld in the Dior Addict campaign which captures the essence of Bardot and of course Kate Moss has always had an element of Bardot about her that just effortless style. Bardot encapsulates the South of France in the 50's & 60's

Bardot was a ballet dancer who fell into modelling as a teen in 50's Paris by 15 she was on the cover of French Elle which is where she was spotted by Roger Vadim the director of the film that catapulted her into super stardom . Of course in her early roles there is a somewhat Lolita-esque/man pleasing quality to her *characters* that makes me more than a little uneasy but Bardot was a breathtaking beauty that still inspires some 60 years after her first film. She has had a tumultuous life and retreated from stardom at the age of 39 to concentrate on being an activist for Animal Welfare (for this I admire her greatly). But....she is one of those strange humans that has so much love for animals and dedicates so much of herself to causes that involve animals, yet holds some disconcerting/offensive views about humans and she has been vilified for her right wing and racist views in her latter years.
Bardot's looks faded and her coquettish beauty disappeared, she still has killer cheekbones and there is still a *whisper* of her past beauty she is *striking* and has not succumbed to lifts/fillers/botox, so hers is a face that has lines and character. But the woman who put St Tropez on the map remains such a huge influence and *The Bardot* look will be very prevalent for Spring/Summer 14.

Sultry, Fresh & effortless
Dior  Campaign
Very Bardot
Zac Posen SS14