Monday, 4 November 2013

My every day make up & where I store my make up when I am testing it.

This is not my kit, this is where I keep the things I use personally & the things that I test before they make it into my kit. There is : Make up, skin care, tools, brushes here, so it needs to be organised. The drawers are divided into category.

Cleaning your brushes/sorting out your *stash* shouldn't be a *chore* hygiene-wise it is essential, if I have things that I have not used neither likely to use after 6 months but it is pristine (I give it away) if it is old and I am a little dubious about how sanitary it is- *say hello to the bin*- I maybe a little flakey in some aspects of my life, of that I can assure you :)

All perspex drawers and pots are from Muji. Clear is best as you can see what is to hand.