Monday, 4 November 2013

No way dude! Could this eyelash curler and brow pencil be better than Shu Uemura? I think so!

Kevyn Aucoin- lash curler & Precision Brow Pencil
The Kevyn Aucoin range is an edited collection that pleases make up artists and beauty mavens alike, I have tried a few things some things I quite liked, something I actively dislike (the mascara) and then these 2 items I LOVE!
In fact they are far better than I envisaged with the biggest shock being the quality of the eye lash curlers....WOW! Better than Shu Uemura well I do think so!

Eye lash curlers £17.00
Love: Feel robust and sturdy, the red pad means that you can see lashes easily (minimising the risk of nipping skin),  ease of mechanism very smooth so very easy to use- a sheer joy to use- A MUST!- nothing negative to mention at all- a flawless piece of kit! I curl at the root of the lashes, curl the mid lash and then curl gently at the end of the lash so that there is a natural (curve) opposed to a crimp.

Precision Brow Pencil- Brunette £21.00
A Shu Uemura style (seal brown approach) with a neutral minky brown shade, the quality of pencil is excellent hard but decent payoff, because of the precision thin pencil it is very easy to build up the brow with light feathery strokes and *break down* too heavy an effect by brushing through with the cornrow brush/spoolie at the opposite end. It has excellent lasting capabilities- a great product but more for a natural looking *filling in* & enhancing the shape of the brow opposed to a block brow effect.
Negatives: No lid on the wind up pencil end- would like one for travelling/to keep clean in a make up bag & more shades currently 2 (maybe more will be added).

I will always be looking at this brand with great interest as Kevyn is a make up artist that was one of the 1st superstars in make up , the brand has stayed true to his vision/aesthetic despite the fact that he passed away in 2002- major kudos.