Monday, 15 August 2011

Le Labo- temptation of a new fragrance.

I have wanted to find a new "signature" scent, I have been wearing Molecule #1 for months and Chanel Christal (Vert version) for some 3 summers. I found my new scent whilst shopping on Sunday with my friend Dani.
Le Labo is an amazing perfume shop just off Marylebone High Street tucked away on Devonshire Street. I sniffed my way around every scent and kept coming back to Jasmin 17. It is a jasmin with a little citrus, sandalwood and vanilla, it is feminine and Jasmin is a classic but this definitely has a modern twist and I am so happy to have found a scent that is  so different and yet so familiar.
Interestingly the original version of Chanel's Christal is a blend of Jasmin with citrus, I used to wear this as a teenager, so although I have outgrown the scent I used to wear over 20 years ago this new scent feels strangely like coming home.

Check out Le Labo

Or at Liberty: