Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Some Iconic fims that influence/d trends in Fashion and Make up......

The new film of the Great Gatsby got me I have seen so many references to Gatsby looks and influence from hair, make up and costumes before the film has even been released, but what I have seen looks sumptuous.
Mia Farrow from another Great Gatsby adaptation.
The tragic and very Beautiful Sharon Tate in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, smooth slightly bouffant hair, doe eyes and apricot lips still seen on emerging talent like Lana Del Rey.
Catherine Deneuve in the iconic Belle De Jour, the hair, the face, her clothes- flawless.
Vidal Sassoon creating Mia Farrow's Pixie crop that made her an icon in Rosemary's Baby.
Kitsch, camp fabulousness that is Barbarella
Dolce Vita, statuesque and just so beautiful.
Cabaret, Liza Minelli looked amazing as the good time girl Sally Bowles.
Not so well known, but an iconic beauty Natassja Kinski in Cat people.

James Dean in Rebel without a cause.
When Mickey Rourke was *hot*- Angel Heart and Lisa Bonet- just beautiful.
Richard Gere dressed by Armani
The Outsiders an 80's classic that is still influencing shoots now.
Groomed preppy style and again Mickey Rourke looking pretty fly.
Aah you kept with me, so you deserve a treat- that's right the original Miami Vice, these 2 spawned so many copycats, with sockless loafers, white suits and rolled up sleeves- yes didn't look quite so hot away from the Art deco strips of Miami and yes it was a TV series but hilar non-the-less. 

There are so many other films that I could mention, so maybe this is part 1. xxxxxxxxx